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my best selfies of 2013 

so now that i’ve miraculously returned for a night and been overly emotional and angsty, i’m gonna go to bed and watch the two towers.

12-30 - 0:48

this year i think i’ve become more lost than anything.

12-30 - 0:32

i want to knit but i’ll ruin that too

12-30 - 0:05

i love how great i am at destroying friendships. wish that was a skill i could put on a job application.

"can destroy something great in less than two days, just watch!"

12-29 - 23:57 - 1 note

"these roosterteeth vines should be called rt short shorts"
(via gavinfreesexual)


11-08 - 9:36 - 3,993 notes / ladrats

"I’m glad this very serious broadcast is not getting interrupted by anything stupid."